Little Giggles ELC Child Care Centre

Little Giggles ELC Child Care Centre

Little Giggles ELC is a leading child care centre focusing not just on taking care of your child, but also the pre-schooling education for him/her. To help your child grow with the necessary morals and values, visit Little Giggles and let you child be with the best Child Care Centre in Woy Woy, Ocean Beach. We take care of all children from ages 2 to 5 and ensure that we fulfill all their needs when they spend their day at the Child Care Centre.

We understand that when you are a working parent, it is difficult to manage the family and balance the work time. It is especially difficult to do so during the early years of child’s development. It is tough trying to give ample amount of time to your child’s education when you work life demands more than 10 hours a day.

Safety is our Priority
By ensuring that the all the interiors of the child care centre are baby-proofed and safe for kids, we wish to provide a safe play and rest environment for your child. Children tend to hurt themselves often while playing. We ensure that your child receives all the necessary medical attention by keeping in touch with an on-call doctor service to help with child care.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet
It is crucial for you to feed children several times a day and take care of their health and hygiene. At the Day Care centre Woy Woy, Ocean Beach we host our own veggie patch to plant organic vegetables and fruits for kids. We ensure feeding your child with all the essentials nutrients and minerals to help with their physical growth.

Creating a Learning Environment
It is a well-proven scientific fact that a major portion of your child’s brain development occurs up till the age of five. To ensure a positive learning environment, we keep our day care centre stocked with several educational toys that help in developing the cognitive skills of your child. We also keep board games and other fun toys for children to keep them occupied during their stay at the day care.

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