Preschool Woy Woy Ocean Beach

Preschool Woy Woy Ocean Beach

At Little Giggles ELC Preschool Woy Woy Ocean Beach, we aim to take care of your child’s educational as well as physical growth needs. We focus not only on the primary education of your child but pay special attention to inculcating good manners and ethics from a young age. At Little Giggles ELC Private Preschool, we make your child school ready by providing all the necessary education required at the young age.

With carefully selected professional individuals who have expertise in handling children of all ages, we aim to provide the best preschool education in Woy Woy Ocean Beach during the early years of your child’s brain development.

Play-Based Curriculum

Little Giggles ELC is one of the best preschool learning centres in Woy Woy Ocean Beach because we focus on adopting a play-based curriculum. With the professional educator staff at the preschool, we provide a balanced play and learn environment for your children. We aim to direct children into a self-learning mode by developing their learning skills at an early age.

To provide a hospitable and fun environment for the children, we ensure using the safe organic toys for children. We also provide your children with a healthy living habit by inculcating a healthy diet into their routine.

Focus on Developing Core Skills

We lay special emphasis on developing the core skills of your child along with the basic education. While focusing on teaching basic alphanumeric characters and language terms, we also make sure that your child learns the core skills like teamwork and discipline. With an activity filled curriculum, we aim to develop the cognitive skills of your child while helping him/her grow physically and mentally. The core skills that we focus upon also include the development of basic athletic skills such as jumping, running and skipping.

To ensure a positive and fun learning environment for your child, enroll your baby into the Little Giggles ELC Preschool now!

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