Early Learning Centre Woy Woy Ocean Beach

Early Learning Centre Woy Woy Ocean Beach

At the Little Giggles Early Learning Centre, we aim for creating a positive and morally uplifting environment for kids. Early Learning Centre and Preschool are often confused to be one place. While Preschool is more about creating an education oriented learning atmosphere, an Early Learning Centre Woy Woy Ocean Beach is about inculcating good habits and helping the child develop essential life skills at a young age. Early Learning Centre also focusses on the Early Childhood Education of your child in which he/she learns the basic verbal and cognitive skills.

The Little Giggles Early Learning Centre Woy Woy Ocean Beach focusses on an all-around development of the child by featuring the following aspects in its learning programs.

Personalized Focus

We respect the fact that each child is special and talented in his/her way. To make sure that your child’s untapped reserve of potential receives the full justice, we offer a personalized focus to each child. The professional educators at Little Giggles ELC are trained to give individual attention to each child and keep track of his/her progress in the curriculum.

We also keep regular parent-teacher meetings to keep you updated with your child’s progress.

Healthy Habits

  • Through Right Curriculum: Our curriculum involves teaching your child healthy habits such as the organization of his/her toys and maintaining a hygienic environment around him/herself.
  • Through the Right Training: From basic brushing techniques to potty training, we ensure that your child is self-sufficient from a very young age.

Ethics, Morals, and Discipline

We also teach your child basic table and greeting etiquettes to inculcate respect amongst his/her elders. By creating a routine for eating, sleeping and playing, we ensure that your child can follow a set schedule to live a disciplined life. Engaging them into different story learning modes allows us to create a self-aware learning atmosphere for your child.

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